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General Conference is always awesome…


I love General Conference and I always get so much out of it. I had a bunch of different worries and thoughts on my mind before General Conference weekend started and those thoughts and worries have been addressed already. Elder Lynn G. Robbins gave a wonderful and powerful talk about facing the right way. My favorite quote from him was definitely the following: “Lowering the Lord’s standards to societies standards/ behavior is apostasy!”

It seems that the pressure even within the church is getting more and more trying to change the Lord’s laws to make it easier on us and more pleasing to society. But the laws of the Lord will not change just because we find it difficult or because we don’t agree with it. Heavenly Father will change things when it is right to do so, not because we as humans expect it to change. It is time to stop worrying about if our beliefs, values and standards will offend other people. If they want to be offended so be it, but I will only worry about what Heavenly Father wants of me.

the true batch

Giving up the fear of men and focusing on the Lord is the key. What a feast this weekend has been. So many wonderful things were shared with us, to uplift us, to guide us and to bring us closer to Heavenly Father again.

god cares about yougod reveals his willon this mortal journeythe living lordthe thing aboutwhen we choose

May we remember and listen to these words so we can be better examples to those around us and our testimonies will grow.


Truly inspired…


“A review of the circumstances surrounding its framing supports Washington’s remark that the U.S. Constitution (the first written constitution) was a miracle. It was inspired, but not “a fully grown document.” Its “great fundamentals” include: separation of powers, a written bill of rights, federal division of powers, popular sovereignty, and the rule of law. As citizens we should study the Constitution, be law-abiding, promote morality and practice civic virtue, and be patriotic.” (Dallin H. Oaks)

I fear that

“The Constitution was inspired by God. Its basic principles include agency, the limitation of government to the securing of the rights and freedoms of individual citizens, the recognition of God as the author of rights, and the superiority of people to governments. This Constitution, framed by wise men raised up by God, consists of seven articles, including the following major provisions: sovereignty of the people, separation of powers, limited powers of government, representation, and the necessity of a moral and righteous people. Unfortunately, for the past centuries our constitutional freedoms have been chipped away at; now we must study the constitution and uphold it.” (Ezra Taft Benson)

and can the liberties

“The liberty we celebrate was not born in 1776, but was prepared by 180 years practice of the art of self-government and secured by the Constitution, which accomplished at once a centralization and decentralization of power. The Constitution, a law supreme above the powers of government, and including the process provided for effecting changes in it, was inspired of God.”

our lives

“The United States of America was founded upon Christianity. Without its foundation, a building will crumble and so will a nation…”

it is impossible

Decisions – an every day procedure…


“The standard is clear. If something we think, see, hear or do distances us from the Holy Ghost, then we should stop thinking, seeing, hearing, or doing that thing. If that which is intended to entertain, for example, alienates us from the Holy Spirit, then certainly that type of entertainment is not for us. Because the Spirit cannot abide that which is vulgar, crude or immodest, then clearly such things are not for us. Because we estrange the Spirit of the Lord when we engage in activities we know we should shun, then such things definitely are not for us.” (Elder David A. Bednar)

are your standardsdont live on the edge

I have said it so many times, but I love my Heavenly Father. I know I am blessed because of Him and I know that anything is possible through Him. That doesn’t mean though, that I don’t have to do my part and show Him that I am willing to obey His commandments. If I want to be a true follower of Jesus Christ, I need to be willing to stand up for my beliefs and Him. Sure there are times when it is difficult and hard to do so, but just because someone might not like what I belief or might turn his/ her back on me because I belief a certain way, shouldn’t change my standards and values. The good thing is, even when we do go astray, we can always come back. He will wait for us because He loves us. πŸ™‚

he is not waiting

“Remember that Satan subtracts and divides and God adds and multiplies!! Choose this day who you will serve!!” (best math quote ever!)

General Conference… this upcoming weekend…


wanna knowI love General Conference weekend. It is always inspiring to listen to our wonderful church leaders. They are guided by the Spirit and I know what they say is the truth. With the way the world is heading, I find it even more important to listen to them and really focus on their talks and guidance because they know what we need and what we need to hear. Listening to them helps me deal with everyday life and reminds me of what is really important. It also reminds me how much Heavenly Father loves us because He inspires our prophet and other general authorities to say what we need, and inspires them to answer our questions. I love it and I look forward to it. Want to check it out yourself? Go on and watch it live online. Starting this Saturday October 4th at 10am MST. πŸ™‚

Think about it…


“All music jars when the soul’s out of tune.” (Miguel de Cervantes)

Out of tune, that’s the correct description about the world we are in right now. No matter what you see or hear on the news, it is almost always bad. Medical and pharmaceutical concerns, with the help of media, are causing fear and panic with illnesses that apparently spread like crazy… Abuse, torturing and murder happen all over the world, war is constantly going on somewhere and yet society seems to fail to understand that we are the ones who need to change something. I find it interesting when I hear people complaining about how God can let those terrible things happen. Well think about it, how much chance do we give him to actually be part of our lives? Do we only want him around when it is convenient for us, or do we want him around at all times?

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Somehow this makes me go hmmm and cringe at the same time…


β€œWhat a destructive thing is a little dishonesty. It has become a cankering disease in our society. Every insurance adjustor can tell you of the soaring costs of dishonest claims. Cheating in the payment of taxes robs the treasury of millions and places undue burdens on those who pay. Employee theft, padded expense accounts, and similar things bring tremendous losses to business institutions. The institution may be able to stand the loss of money, but the individual cannot afford the loss of self-respect.” (Gordon B. Hinckley)

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“It’s scary to think nothing can kill that 0.01% germ.”

monsanto peoplepeople are fedwhy is our food

Pretty obvious to me, but some people need to take up pathological lying as a profession.