Somehow this makes me go hmmm and cringe at the same time…


“What a destructive thing is a little dishonesty. It has become a cankering disease in our society. Every insurance adjustor can tell you of the soaring costs of dishonest claims. Cheating in the payment of taxes robs the treasury of millions and places undue burdens on those who pay. Employee theft, padded expense accounts, and similar things bring tremendous losses to business institutions. The institution may be able to stand the loss of money, but the individual cannot afford the loss of self-respect.” (Gordon B. Hinckley)

and here we havedo you also eateat less crapfood  marketing

“It’s scary to think nothing can kill that 0.01% germ.”

monsanto peoplepeople are fedwhy is our food

Pretty obvious to me, but some people need to take up pathological lying as a profession.


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