Truly inspired…


“A review of the circumstances surrounding its framing supports Washington’s remark that the U.S. Constitution (the first written constitution) was a miracle. It was inspired, but not “a fully grown document.” Its “great fundamentals” include: separation of powers, a written bill of rights, federal division of powers, popular sovereignty, and the rule of law. As citizens we should study the Constitution, be law-abiding, promote morality and practice civic virtue, and be patriotic.” (Dallin H. Oaks)

I fear that

“The Constitution was inspired by God. Its basic principles include agency, the limitation of government to the securing of the rights and freedoms of individual citizens, the recognition of God as the author of rights, and the superiority of people to governments. This Constitution, framed by wise men raised up by God, consists of seven articles, including the following major provisions: sovereignty of the people, separation of powers, limited powers of government, representation, and the necessity of a moral and righteous people. Unfortunately, for the past centuries our constitutional freedoms have been chipped away at; now we must study the constitution and uphold it.” (Ezra Taft Benson)

and can the liberties

“The liberty we celebrate was not born in 1776, but was prepared by 180 years practice of the art of self-government and secured by the Constitution, which accomplished at once a centralization and decentralization of power. The Constitution, a law supreme above the powers of government, and including the process provided for effecting changes in it, was inspired of God.”

our lives

“The United States of America was founded upon Christianity. Without its foundation, a building will crumble and so will a nation…”

it is impossible


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