General Conference is always awesome…


I love General Conference and I always get so much out of it. I had a bunch of different worries and thoughts on my mind before General Conference weekend started and those thoughts and worries have been addressed already. Elder Lynn G. Robbins gave a wonderful and powerful talk about facing the right way. My favorite quote from him was definitely the following: “Lowering the Lord’s standards to societies standards/ behavior is apostasy!”

It seems that the pressure even within the church is getting more and more trying to change the Lord’s laws to make it easier on us and more pleasing to society. But the laws of the Lord will not change just because we find it difficult or because we don’t agree with it. Heavenly Father will change things when it is right to do so, not because we as humans expect it to change. It is time to stop worrying about if our beliefs, values and standards will offend other people. If they want to be offended so be it, but I will only worry about what Heavenly Father wants of me.

the true batch

Giving up the fear of men and focusing on the Lord is the key. What a feast this weekend has been. So many wonderful things were shared with us, to uplift us, to guide us and to bring us closer to Heavenly Father again.

god cares about yougod reveals his willon this mortal journeythe living lordthe thing aboutwhen we choose

May we remember and listen to these words so we can be better examples to those around us and our testimonies will grow.


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