Paul truly cared…


I am amazed about how much I learned about Paul this semester. It’s nice to really look into the New Testament and getting to know people you haven’t paid much attention to before. Paul truly was a disciple of Jesus Christ and stood up for the church and its teaching until his death.

I find it interesting how much Paul loved the saints and how much he loved the gospel. After reading verses in Moroni, I find the same kind of love written. Both, Paul and Mormon, talk about the importance of faith and that we need to cling to the gospel and Jesus Christ no matter how hard life will get. The Savior is the only one who can lift us up again, when we are discouraged, and He teaches us to trust Him at all times. I love what the verse in 2 Timothy 1:7 says: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Paul speaks about Timothy’s mother and grandmother because they were great women in faith. He wants Timothy to be like them and build up the same faith these women had. Paul wants Timothy to have unfeigned faith. When I read that verse I immediately thought about Helaman and the stripling warriors and how they were so faithful because of their mothers. As a mom myself, I realize that we as mothers truly need to show our children that we have strong faith and that we are willing to hold on to the iron rod no matter what. We need to realize that we can have immensely influence our children and never give up the hope and faith even though they might leave the narrow path for a while. Faith can do great things!

Going back to 2 Timothy 1:7, it is clear that Heavenly Father wants us to realize that fear does not come from him and that we have power, love and a sound mind. He wants us to know that we don’t need to be fearful because He is on our side and He will guide and lead us through difficulties. We don’t need to be scared of the future because we already know the outcome. We already know who will win and we already know what we can earn as long as we are faithful and true disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s easier said than done because there are so many things happening now that are scary and worrisome, but at the same time I know that whatever happens, will happen for a reason. God is in control.

As I am reading more verses in 2 Timothy chapter 1, it becomes clear how much love Paul really had for those he cared about. He wanted the house of Onesiphorus blessed with mercy because he was not ashamed of him and looked for Paul right away when he was in Rome. He stood by Paul and was a true brother to him. He blessed the house of Onesiphorus that the Lord would grant mercy unto them because of their faith and works. Reading Matthew 25:35-40 shows how much we will be blessed when we are righteous and take care of those around us. We need to be faithful and serve those around us because that’s what will show the Savior how serious we are and whether or not we are deserving of his mercy. I mean if we are unkind and mean to those who are struggling, in one way or another, how can we expect the Lord to be kind to us? How can we expect Him to show mercy to us if we don’t show mercy to our fellow men?

It is important that we are willing to stand up for the Savior and the gospel and show the faith He wants us to have. I love how Matthew 11:29-30 and Jacob 1:8 talk about taking the yoke of Christ upon us. To me that sounds like we are asked to take His name upon us and need to be willing to testify for the truth as well as being an example to those around us and defend the gospel if necessary. Living the gospel is not easy and sometimes requires great faith and courage to stay strong, especially when those around us mock us for it or even persecute in some way. One must have a very strong testimony to be willing to give their life for the gospel, and yet Jesus Christ did that for all of us. If it is required of us, we should do that too.


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