Joseph isn’t just about an amazing technicolor dreamcoat…


As I was studying the story of Jacob, Joseph and his brethren this week, I thought how horrible it must have been for Jacob to lose his son in such a way. Losing him thinking he was dead, yet he was sold to Egypt. I also kept thinking about Joseph’s brethren and how they must have felt to do something so bad. I mean at first they wanted to kill him. Can you imagine how much hatred they must have had for Joseph?

It was definitely not easy for Joseph to go through the trials he did, but he knew that the Lord was with him, that he had a special mission to accomplish, and that things would get better in the end. Blessings follow trials.

Seeing how the prophets in the scriptures had to suffer, shows me that everyone will get tested and everyone has to go through hard times so we can show Heavenly Father our faith and that we don’t give up no matter what. We can show Him that we trust Him and that He knows what is good for us so we can grow and become a better person. He will shape us to become the awesome self we should be.

I have seen the musical Joseph and I love it. I love the music and how it brings the story come to life, but the message of the real story isn’t about a beautiful dreamcoat. It is about so many different things: love, endurance, forgiveness, patience and faithfulness. I keep wondering if Jacob realized what he did to his other sons by openly preferring Joseph. I am wondering if the sons felt hatred for their father as well or just for their brother. Joseph had to have so much patience, endurance and faithfulness and he showed how good he really was when he so willingly forgave his brothers even though they treated him badly. He still loved his brothers even though they harmed him.

I think it is important that we learn the lessons from the scriptures which Heavenly Father wants us to learn. Joseph and many other important men (and women too) in the scriptures, went through their trials and sufferings so we can hold on and not give up when we go through something terrible. Are we willing to forgive those who hurt us? Are we willing to endure to the end? Are we willing to learn patience and keep on working on our faithfulness and love for others?

I have so much I need to work on, and going through trials is not easy, especially when we should remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. From experience I can say though, that I have learned something from every struggle I went through. I grew because of it. I know I need to learn to rely more on the Lord and go to him more when facing struggles. I want to make it all by myself, but He is there for us and wants to be there for us. He can only help us when we are willing and open to let Him do that. He loves us so much, and just like Joseph was blessed in the end, blessings are waiting for us too. The Lord never gives up on us, now it is time that we show Him and ourselves that we don’t give up on ourselves.


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