With the Lord’s help, any fight can be won…


I have to admit, reading the chapters this week made me realize how little I actually knew about David and what he went through after he fought Goliath. I am sure it was heartbreaking for him to have his father-in-law constantly trying to kill him and he didn’t even do anything wrong. It is crazy what jealousy can do to a person.

It makes me sad though that Saul let that happen to himself. I find it sad, that he let Satan get a hold of his heart and have Satan take over his life. It shows how careful we have to be and that feelings like jealousy, can quickly turn into something worse if we don’t watch out and try to keep it under control.

Love is what we should strive to have in our heart for those around us. We should take Jesus Christ as the perfect example because He truly loved everyone, even those who harmed Him.

Fighting Satan is a constant battle, but we can win it, if we keep the commandments and listen to the Holy Ghost. We can see our own struggles and can notice ourselves when we are drifting off and away from the gospel. Little things that pull us away from the truth are dangerous, and we should stop and turn around as soon as we notice it.

As I was reading the story of David ,and how he had to run away, live in hiding and leave his wife behind, I kept wondering what his wife thought about all that. Was she in love with David and did it hurt her immensely when her father tried to kill him? How did she feel when her father married her off to someone else? Did she have any say in what was happening to her or did she have to do what she was told? Thinking about this makes me so grateful that I live today and not in a time when women oftentimes were treated in a manner that was very degrading. Having to obey a man’s order, no matter what they tell you to do, doesn’t sound right to me. I love that my husband has the priesthood and I do think they should be the head of the house, but they should not treat their wife as unequal.

I am so grateful to know that I am a daughter of God and that He sees me as such and treat’s me as such. I am grateful that my husband honors the priesthood, presides and serves in the home, but doesn’t use it to show off his authority. Heavenly Father loves all of us and He loves us equal. Now it is up to us to see each other that way too.


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