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Fighting with each other over politics, really?



When I became a citizen almost 2 years ago, I was excited for my first presidential election and for the chance of making a difference. I was so frustrated with our current government and knew something needed to happen. Things haven’t gotten any better since then, in fact it’s gotten worse. Our government, including our president, don’t seem to care much about us as citizens and I am sick and tired of all their false promises, dishonesty and their arrogance. All they care about is themselves!

Sadly, as I was watching this election come to an end, I also noticed that it caused a lot of drama between people. It is heartbreaking to watch how people interact on social media and how they have a go at each other simply because one person has a different opinion than the other one. I am so tired of political correctness and how some people are allowed to say what they want and others can’t, otherwise they are called names and the other side is offended by it. It is so frustrating to say the least.

I think Satan has his hands in this big time. It just disappoints me how some people behave and how they think their behavior is okay. Our government is way too big now because it makes them think they are in charge and have all the power over us. If people would just understand, that “We the people” are the one’s putting them there and that they should only have very little power, things would be so much better and different. Government shouldn’t be there to run our lives. The government is also not supposed to make all the decisions by themselves, and many of us don’t seem to notice how they take over more and more. It’s like the story of the frog that was put in warm water. If it had been hot from the beginning he would have jumped out right away, but because the water was turned up gradually, he didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. That’s where we are right now. We are getting burned big time!

I was very involved in politics for a while and the result was that a lot of things really ticked me off (and still do) and I wasn’t able to discuss politics with certain people anymore. I am so over all of this and can’t wait until this has come to an end. It doesn’t matter who wins the election because the top candidates are not good for the job. Hillary is plain evil and Trump might have his good qualities (who knows), but his mouth certainly isn’t showing it. On top of that I think both of them just care about themselves and not us. Nothing is more important to Hillary than being the first female president and she will do what it takes to get there no matter how evil and wrong it is, and Trump is so busy trying to show how corrupt politicians are, he puts his foot in his mouth every single time. Sigh! He did two good things though, he made America aware how corrupt our government, candidates and leaders really are, and people are starting to look at our other parties too. Many people are surprised that there are more parties, but maybe it is a good thing that our two big parties have such horrible candidates because other people finally get noticed as well.

It is tiring though that I have to constantly defend myself, my country and our so-called candidates whenever I speak to someone here in Europe. I wish people would stop believing the lies of the media (they are just as bad as our politicians) and start researching things more, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. The way some friends and relatives attack and think about our US candidates is astonishing. The sad thing is, it is very much one-sided. If they would feel that way about both candidates, fine, but the hatred over here to one candidate is ridiculous. Oh well. I think I just have to start refusing to discuss politics and just leave the room if the other person won’t stop talking about it.

One thing is clear though, the outcome of this election will not be a good one because no matter who wins, the other side will be unhappy and very angry about it. For the first time in these past 2 years, I am grateful that I am not in the US when this election takes place and afterwards either. Things are not going to be pretty from now on.

Those of you who are reading this, please do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and don’t attack the people you disagree with. We can have different opinions, views and beliefs and still like each other. If you find posts on social media irritating, just unfollow that person for a while. I have unfollowed quite a few lately and that makes my newsfeed a lot more bearable. 😉 We don’t have to discuss certain things with those around us. Sometimes friendships are best, when some things are left unsaid. I have started staying away from this election garbage as much as possible and it feels so great. Obviously I can’t avoid it completely, but I am getting there. Sometimes I think all I want to do is crawl back to bed, pull my blanket over me and stay there until this darn election is over. But there is more to life and I would miss out on many beautiful things. Plus, friendships are important to me and we should work on those every single day. A stupid election shouldn’t ruin that. Let’s focus on the good things in life, share positive thoughts and experiences, and worry about the things that are really important. 🙂