Depression and how to not get sucked into too much negativity…


Depression has been part of my life for quite a while now. One thing I noticed over the years was the fact that when I am not careful, incoming negativity can affect me and my depression a lot more (and very intense) than it has in the past. I seem to be going through phases in which I can focus mostly on positive stuff for a while, and try to share that with those around me, but as soon as I am paying too much attention to the not so good things, it seems to consume me very quickly and drags me down big time. I think that’s Satan trying to use the illness I have to make my life even more miserable and hard to bear. It is frustrating, but now that I am aware of it, I can and have to make drastic changes to stay away from it.

I think I also have become a lot more sensitive to things going on around me and am trying harder to find the positive in others because I have seen the opposite happening to me and I don’t like it. I strongly believe that unless we know a person personal, or at least have seen a person (in the public eye for example) and watched their behavior for a while, we can’t really judge what they are really like. Politicians and celebrities should have the chance to show what they are like and then we can make up our mind, but they should have a fair shot. If they don’t use that chance wisely, well that’s their own fault, but we should give them a chance at least.

I have to say, that the past US election has made me aware of many unkind things going on in the world, even with friends and relatives, and it makes me sad. I know that nobody is and will be perfect in this life, but I think we should all work very hard on becoming more Christlike. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love everyone, no matter who they are and what they are doing, and we can do that too. Loving someone, or at least caring for someone, doesn’t mean we have to approve of what they are doing, or have to agree with them, but we can be kind. I have been preaching about real tolerance for the longest time and yet people only seem to be wanting to be tolerant when they want someone to be tolerant with them, but they don’t want to be tolerant in return.


It is easy to be influenced by anger, negativity and even hateful behavior when we let the media and even people around us dictate us how we should think and feel about a person. I have been a victim of that myself and I am not proud of that because I am so much happier when I try to see the good in people and when I give people the chance to show me who they really are. Some turn out to be the way we were told that they would be, but many surprise us in a good way.

If we truly want to change this world for the better, we need to focus on the good things and need to remember how the Savior treated people. I have decided to make that my goal for 2017. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, because it is so easy to just give up on them, but goals are things that keep us moving forward. I feel like that Satan has his hands in everything now and whenever we fight with each other, belittle, mistreat or hate one another, he is winning and is successful in dividing us as family, friends and brother’s and sisters. I was getting very involved in politics for a while, but it caused so much aggression and tension in my own life, not to mention me witnessing how people talked to each other and became enemies about silly things, that I am not willing to deal with that any longer. There are so many things out there nowadays that try to divide us and if we listen to the media, celebrities and other voices that try to tear us apart, we are following Satan and not our Heavenly Father. Satan is luring us in with little things because he knows when we do those, the big things will follow. Are we truly willing to sacrifice the best things we have and the most amazing people we have in our lives just so we can feel better about something for one second? We will find out at one point that the cost was too high to sacrifice people and things Heavenly Father has given to us for a reason. He loves all of us and He will always love us no matter what we decide, or whether or not we follow Him or Satan, but we will have to face consequences some day and we have to decide now on what team we want to be.



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